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X-Potens Tribulus - Tribulus terrestris extract tablet
Increases potency, muscular strength, durability and virility.

X-Potens Tribulus 500 contains standardized Tribulus terrestris extract, which active ingredients are steroidal saponins, e.g. protodioscins. One X-Potens Tribulus 500 tablet contains 500 mg of Tribulus terrestris extract and 50 mg of protodioscins.

Tribulus terrestris plant originates from Mediterranean region. The plant has been used traditionally in China to support the functioning of e.g. liver, kidneys, heart, blood vessels and immune system. Later on plant’s effects on hormones and muscular strength were noticed.

Tribulus terrestris increases the production of luteinizing hormones (LH) in hypophysis. Luteinic hormones on their behalf regulate testosterone production in testicles. Increased testosterone level boosts protein synthesis in muscles, which leads to faster growing muscles and more strength. Testosterone fastens recovery after physical efforts.

In women Tribulus terrestris affects the same way by increasing the production of luteinic hormones in hypophysis. In women this increases the formation of testosterone in the adrenal gland. Tribulus terrestris increases sexual desire among those women, whose unwillingness is hormone-based. During menopause Tribulus can be helpful too, as it has hormone balancing effects. The product is recommended for women in periods of no longer than 2 months.

Daily dosage (1 -2 tablets) contains:

  • Tribulus terrestris extract 500 – 1000 mg
  • containing protodioscins 50 – 100 mg


For adults during first month 1 tablet twice per day, after that 1 tablet per day.

Contains no lactose, gluten or yeast.


60 tablets / 62 g

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X - Potens Tribulus 60tbl

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