About Us

Berryheaven Partnership is a family business located in Western Finland, Kankaanpää. The business specializes on high quality, evidence based supplements from the leading brands and manufacturers. Our objective is to offer Finnish quality products to Europe, including healthy, raw, as well as organic products and produce. Finland is the least populated country in Europe. Our wild, clean nature offers a lot of good raw materials for quality supplements and health food items, such as antioxidants and berries.

Berryheaven Partnership - I have never heard of it?

Berryheaven Partnership is a subsidiary of a health store, founded by enthusiastic entrepreneurs. The company is a SME based in Western Finland. In order to find more information about the finnish line of business, please visit www.luontaiscenter.fi.

The objective for us is to offer our best products outside Finland, as well as locally. Based on constant feedback and contacts from abroad, we decided to start this subsidiary under the name Berryheaven. Additionally we are able to help when there is a shortage or supply issue of a certain product in some country, which might be widely available here in our warehouse, or at our suppliers. Our website berryheaven.eu has been online since April 2014. We do already have loyal customers from Sweden, as well as other countries in Europe.

Wait - this sounds good, is it really safe to buy from you?

The consumer protection laws are very similar in Finland as they are elsewhere in Europe. You are dealing with a very customer driven company in our case - we do everything to ensure the purchase is carried out in an efficient and hassle free manner. Dealing with both online and traditional store customers ensures the highest possible level of customer service, in a modern multi channel and cross border environment. We currently accept payments via PayPal, which gives you the option to pay by Debit or Credit card. Additionally you can pay by using your paypal account. PayPal gives you as the buyer, additional security for your purchase. We also accept payments via Checkout Finland Oy, which is owned by a large bank, OP-Group.

What, do you speak English or do I have to know Finnish?

  • We speak English and Swedish, as well as Finnish. If you call us, there might not be immediately someone on the line who is able to answer your question fluently, however, we will call you back.
  • If you e-mail us, please allow two business days for a reply. Usually we reply during the same day.

Why would I buy from you and not from some global giant?

If you live in Europe (EU country) and we ship to your home country, remember, there will be no customs in between. You are allowed to order products which are classified as supplements in Finland. We only sell products which we are allowed to sell by Finnish law. The laws regarding supplements still vary greatly within the European Union, however, if something is classified as a differently in your home country you are still allowed to order limited amounts, for personal short term use only. There will be no extra VAT charges or surprises at the customs if you deal with us. Finnish VAT is charged on the price, since we currently do not have any physical warehouse or office abroad. All prices here include VAT. Only shipping is added on top of the price. If your order is worth more than 60 euros and you live in Sweden, we will send it without charging the shipping fee. Please remember to choose free shipping at the checkout.

So where do you ship?

Currently we ship mainly to Sweden and Denmark, as well as the Baltic states and some other countries in Europe. Please check our site for updates regarding new countries. We have added information in Swedish, follow this link: http://berryheaven.eu/svenska