• Organic Pine extract drink 10 x 600 ml.

This fine natural drink from Western Finland ... Totally 0.3 grams of the bark, and the phloem of young pine has been used for manufacturing 1 gram of the extract.

The extract is manufactured by using spring water.

  • Based on the chemical research carried out and the experience of the people using the drink, the positive effects of the pine extract drink on health are not a matter of faith.
  • The drink is definitely worth trying, and its continuous use is not harmful, says Professor Kalevi Pihlaja from the University of Turku, Finland.

Effective vitalizer of the body

  • Modern medicine has shown that many ailments are caused by the so-called free radicals that destroy the vitality of cells.
  • Antioxidants prevent damage caused by free radicals.
  • A good example of the positive effect of a natural extract on the human body is the food supplement product pine extract drink.
  • The drink includes just the very natural compounds that the human body needs in order to stay in good health.

Nutrition facts

100 grams of the pine extract drink contains:
energy: 17 kcal, flavonoids: 20.3 mg, calcium: 2.1 mg, iron: < 0.05 mg, manganese: 0.06 mg, zinc: 0.02 mg,
fat: 32 mg, protein 37 mg.

Instructions for use:

  • Pine extract drink is consumed 1–2 dl daily.
  • Suitable for people all ages. Recommended using daily.

Intensive use: 3–4 dl per day. The drink can be consumed as such, or mixed 1:1 with water. First thing in the morning and before bed without meals.

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Organic Pine extract drink 10 x 600 ml.

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