General terms and conditions – Berryheaven.EU, Berryheaven Partnership. owns and operates this Website.  This document governs your relationship with, described as Berryheaven, or as the 'seller' in this document.


Berryheaven sends the products by post as a large envelope, post parcel that can be picked up from the nearest post office, or as a DHL parcel which is picked up from a local service point, closest to the buyer. Accurate, final information regarding the pickup location of a parcel will be sent by SMS, letter or e-mail. Yuo can check the DHL Service points from DHL's website, DHL SERVICE POINT Locator.

Prices and payment.


The customer has 14 days right of withdrawal from receiving the shipment. The product has to be flawless and completely unused. The customer’s right is limited to become familiar with the item; the right does not include a right to start using it.  The right does not apply to items which are classified as food or medicine. The customer should contact the seller before making a return.

Broken items in transport:

Despite very careful packing the items might occasionally get damaged. If at all possible, examine the parcel or envelope externally, before accepting it as delivered. File a written complaint if the damage has occurred during transport, and do not accept the delivery. Please contact the seller as the next step, in order to arrange a replacement.

Registered users:

It is not necessary, however, it is recommended, to register at the website in order to place an order. The fields indicate which information is mandatory. By registering, the customer approves the registration of personal information into the database of, as well as the privacy policy.

Legal status of an order




Force Majeure

Berryheaven Partnership is unable to affect some circumstances beyond its control. These circumstances might affect the delivery times and the service level. Circumstances of this nature include war, disasters, import or export barriers, decisions taken by authorities, strikes, mayor disturbances in transport or Internet services, or other mayor events and circumstances which affects the daily business of Berryheaven Partnership.


Any possible disputes related to this distance selling contract are resolved by applying the law of Finland.

Customer database.

The law of Finland requires the seller to describe the details of the customer database.

The owner of the register:
Berryheaven Partnership

Keskuskatu 40
FI-38700 Kankaanpää, Finland

Name of register: Berryheaven customers

Information included in the register:
First and last names, surnames, address, postal code or zip code, city or area, e-mail address, phone number, password, as well as other contact details which might be necessary for shipment, orders, payment as well as newsletters.
Source of information: Provided by the customer.

Contact person:
Berryheaven Partnership
Keskuskatu 40
FI-38700 Kankaanpää, Finland
Janne Pihlaja
by e-mail through this form:

No information is provided outside the organization. No data will be sold or used for marketing without consent.